Our kitchen exhaust hoods can be equipped with a variety of different features. We recommend that our customers choose an exhaust hood which fits the characteristics of their current spatial and functional requirements.

The HN kitchen hood supplies air but is not able to remove grease from the exhaust air.


The HR kitchen hood is built with "AirGrip" technology, which helps to capture exhaust air for cyclonic

grease filtering.


The HZ hood comes with all HR features, plus an integrated ozone generator which helps to capture and dissolve grease particles before they enter the ventilation system.


The HU hood permanently eliminates moisture from the dishwashing area and hood surface so as to minimize interference with kitchen activities, keep the air clear and maintain an even temperature. The HU hood is available with or without supply air.

We’ve also designed a specialized grease hood which is equipped with an extra row of filters. This hood can filter up to twice the number of particulates than most other standard grease hoods.

In a kitchen, size does matter. For a hood to function at its full potential, it should contain enough space to effectively cycle air. Just as the perfect al dente pasta requires a certain amount of water, to be effective, a kitchen hood needs to be big enough to process the right proportion of air in relation to the overall size and shape of the kitchen.


Most of our hoods measure 550mm in height, but we also offer 400mm high hoods which are optimal for smaller spaces. One of our more innovative designs is a hybrid kitchen hood with trapeze-shaped sides and grease filters closer to the work surface. With the supply air zone at 400mm, our hybrid kitchen hood guarantees a more concentrated removal of contaminated air.


The length and width of kitchen hoods typically can adjust by 100mm long sections. We use modules to accommodate longer hoods (2900mm and up). Our island type hoods are composed of different back-to-back elements.

Our HFK grease filter is a cyclonic separator built out of a double triangular cross-section. 

The change in the trajectory of the air results in grease particles colliding with inner chamber walls inside the filters. This collision cycle removes up to 97% of 10-micron particles and is the most effective in the industry.


Ozone dissolves smaller particles. It is extremely important to keep the exhaust air chamber and the ventilation system clean to reduce the risk of fires.


The angle of rising steam should ideally be around 15°. The hood should be placed so that it captures the steam on each side. The ideal size of the hood overhang is proportional to its height — for instance, if the height of the hood is 2000mm, the overhang needs to be more than 300mm.


To achieve the best possible results, it’s always advisable to leave the positioning of the hood to professionals. We will help you to plan and design a ventilation system that will meet the unique requirements of your kitchen.

Our top priority is ensuring a healthy kitchen environment for our customers.

We build innovative ventilation systems to create the ideal ambiance and optimal air quality in your kitchen. Our HZ ozone hood even has built-in technology which notifies the user of possible malfunctions and sends maintenance reminders.

We do this because we want to ensure your kitchen exhaust hood is always working optimally. In addition, this technology allows us to advise you of ventilation-related problems or malfunctions.


ETS NORD reviews all products regularly with the intention of continually improving both functions and usability.

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Our hood design complies with standard EN 16282-2 equipment for commercial kitchens. Kitchen ventilation hoods; design and safety requirements.


Our Ozonator technology complies with standard EN 16282-8 equipment for commercial kitchens. Installations for treatment of aerosol. Requirements and testing.


Our grease filters comply with standard EN 16282-6 Equipment for commercial kitchens.Components for ventilation of commercial kitchens - Part 6: Aerosol separators; Design and safety requirements.

All components of the kitchen ventilation are produced and marketed by ETS NORD AS.


ETS NORD AS specializes in the production and sale of ventilation equipment and accessories.


Thanks to a combination of extensive industry experience and a collection of exceptional partners, we continue to lead the way in kitchen ventilation product development, innovation and quality.