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NORDcanopy kitchen exhaust canopies

help your chefs focus on what they do best: 

Crafting exceptional dishes that earn

rave reviews.

In commercial kitchens, high-quality ventilation is essential in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.


The HACCP certificate proves that our canopies are food-safe and suitable for food and beverage facilities.

ETS NORD kitchen ventilation in 180 degree restaurant run by Matthias Diether. HZ grease hood with ozonator technology.

aSAP solution offers

easy delivery and reduces

carbon footprint.

Compact packaging cuts down transportation costs and makes it easy to bring the canopy to locations with limited access. 

As every kitchen is unique, and every chef has their personal preferences, our modular structure is especially advantageous, offering numerous possibilities for kitchen layout.


Our modular design is sustainable as it offers reusability and allows users to efficiently rearrange their existing canopy system to match a new kitchen layout.

This is cost-effective for restaurant owners

and good for the environment. 


Good kitchen ventilation:

Facilitates comfort and well-being

Encourages focus and creativity

Protects food from

fire safety

For optimal food hygiene, it's crucial to maintain control over temperature, humidity, and air exchange. 

With our "AirGrip" technology and UV or

ozone treatment, coupled with aerodynamically designed kitchen exhaust canopies,

we effectively capture cooking particulates and prevent them from spreading into other areas.

The performance of a kitchen hood depends on the quality of its ventilation system. To achieve the best results, your commercial kitchen's ventilation system should be carefully designed and built to work seamlessly with the canopy and ventilation devices, ensuring efficient airflow.
Full ventilation system example for restaurant. All necessary components for great indoor comfort and ventilation in commercial kitchen environment


HR or HZ grease canopy with front panel air inlet and grease separation for exhaust air.
NORD canopy standard hoods, a selection from steam hood to grease hood with ozonator system

Grease canopy

An extraction canopy hanging
over the kitchen appliances

HG pinpoint kitchen hood provides energy savings for high volume cooking in a commercial kitchen environment

Backshelf canopy

With pinpoint exhaust for
high-volume cooking appliances


Watermist canopy

Ideal for kitchens where open flames and charcoal grills are being used

Ventilated ceiling is a modular solution for commercial kitchen ventilation

Ventilation ceiling

Tailored to suit your kitchen

layoutand meet its specific needs

ETS NORD's canopies will help turn your kitchen into a space that every chef will love



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