Breathing should feel good.

An unforgettable dining experience consists of three variables: great food, happy people and clean air.


And it takes a happy chef to create each dish to perfection.


NORDcanopy kitchen exhaust hoods help your chefs focus on what they do best: creating unparalleled dishes that bring rave reviews. Now you can say farewell to mediocre food and poor air quality.


NORDcanopy hood and ventilation systems efficiently cycle fresh air through your kitchen, keeping your staff happier while protecting them from fires and other hazards. By clearing odors, smoke, and other contaminants from your restaurant kitchen, our commercial kitchen exhaust hoods help you maintain a safer workplace while supporting a safer, fresher environment for both staff and customers.  


Kitchen ventilation is like choosing the right skillet: anyone will do the job, but only the best will guarantee quality results.

180 ° Michelin starred chef Matthias Diether recommends ETS NORD products and wishes you enjoyable cooking moments




  •  Lowers the mental and physical stress of high-volume   cooking

  •  Encourages focus and creativity  

  •  Helps to maintain optimal air temperature

  •  Keeps smoke and contaminants at bay

  •  Helps minimize respiratory health problems    

  •  Protects from headaches and eye irritations

  •  Facilitates the comfort and well-being of staff and   customers

  •  Helps reduce the chance of fire- and smoke-related   safety issues

No matter what’s on the menu, there’s one thing that makes a good meal great: a passionate and focused chef.


NORDcanopy hoods help take the strain off your hard-working kitchen staff by cleaning contaminated air and regulating temperature.  


With the right kind of ventilation and hood system, your staff will breathe easier and stay safer. 

Every restaurant owner should understand how crucial kitchen hygiene is, and air quality is a big part of keeping your kitchen environment safe and comfortable.   


For optimal food hygiene, temperature, humidity and air exchange need to be under firm control. NORDcanopy hoods handle all three and do not require any additional setup.





  • Improve food hygiene

  • Curtail dirt accumulation

  • Reduce air pollution   

  • Control temperature   

  • Stop excessive humidity  

  • Extend the lifespan of restaurant equipment

  • Protect food from contaminants 


In combination with our "Turbo Grip" air technology, our aerodynamically designed kitchen exhaust hoods catch cooking particulates and stop them from spreading into other areas.



Just like any other artist, a chef needs to know that each meal is both delicious and aesthetically pleasing, stimulating all five of the senses.

NORDcanopy hoods come equipped with state-of-the-art LED lights that are easy on the eyes but bright enough for your chefs to see every detail of each masterpiece.



The combination of high-quality stainless steel and smart design makes cleaning the hood as easy as pie: no more unreachable corners, stubborn stains or hard-to-wash grease filters!


Airborne microparticles are an inevitable yet unpleasant product of food preparation.

Thanks to NORDcanopy kitchen exhaust hoods, there are zero reasons to worry about microparticles or any other distractions that might interfere with cooking that perfect meal.




  • Remove grease particles and other food-related contaminants

  • Secure fire safety by keeping exhaust ducts grease-free

  • Save energy by utilizing the heat exchanger

  • Reduce the need for kitchen maintenance

  • Remove odors


A good kitchen hood is only as good as its ventilation system.

Your commercial kitchen ventilation system should be designed and built by carefully integrating hood and ventilation devices, so that air cycles at optimal efficiency but without the disruption of noisy, high-velocity fans. 


Want to learn more? We’re happy to share more about how our products will help turn your kitchen into a space that every chef will love.  


Read more about our NORDcanopy kitchen hoods and design options! 


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