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HG backshelf canopy is a small yet powerful hood on top of fryers and grills to eliminate polluted air directly from the source


The most energy efficient exhaust solution is made possible by the unique „AirGrip“ technology. 


A wall mounted canopy takes the air

extractionas close to the source as possible.

All contamination will be treated in

a concentrated form.

The product can also be placed on

a special stand.

AirGrip technology

Less energy consumption for exhaust air

Ozone technology for fire safety and heat recovery

Easy to clean stainless steel design

Our HFK cyclonic filters and HZ ozonator technology take the grease-free ventilation system to the next level by breaking down

even the tiniest grease and odor particles. 

A clean system is what protects you from

fires and other hazards.

Removing airborne microparticles helps you to save energy and money by enabling the use

of a heat exchanger to recover heat from

kitchen exhaust air.

cyclonic grease separators and filtration system with ozone treatment technology keep the exhaust chamber grease free. LED lights for kitchen wellbeing
We belive that it takes a happy chef to create each dish to perfection and with a compact solution we offer great kitchen ergonomics.

The backshelf canopy takes less space yet provides a functional surface on top of

the hood.

It brings state-of-the-art LED lights for the

artists who know that each meal has to be

both delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

High-quality stainless steel, smart design

and welded exhaust chambers provide

the hygiene and durability of a lifetime.

HG grease hood providest greate kitchen ergonomics. with the surface on top as a shelf.
HR kitchen grease hood is a standard commercial kitchen canopy

Grease canopy

An extraction canopy hanging over the kitchen appliances

We're happy to share
more technical information

about HG backshelf hood.

ventilation ceiling provides a modular kitchen ventilation system for the most demanding kitchen layouts

Ventilated ceiling

Tailored to suit your kitchen layout and meet its specific needs


Watermist canopy

Ideal for kitchens where open flames and charcoal grills are being used

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