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Ventilation ceiling for commercial kitchen ventilation. Unlimited modularity for exhaust and freash air inlet

Ventilation ceiling is a modular ventilation solution for the most challenging kitchen layouts


Each element is a stand-alone module that can be combined in a number of different ways to form a

functional kitchen ceiling.

The design of each ceiling is based on a specific kitchen requirements to ensure the best experience the staff and customers.

AirGrip exhaust

capture technology

Ozone technology for fire safety and heat recovery

Spacious and aesthetic kitchen area



The ceiling area is divided to active and passive cooking zones, thereby covering the entire

kitchen with high-quality stainless-steel elements.

This makes it the most hygienic kitchen ventilation solution that lasts for a lifetime.


A system that provides a low financial risk by the modularity that enables later modifications or

even reuse of elements.

Isolated large extraction zones enable the system to work on low air amounts, providing significant savings in high volume cooking kitchens. Still maintaining an efficient air circulation and room comfort. 

Ventilated ceiling for commercial kitchen ventilation. Modularity for exhaust and air inlet.
grease separation and filtration for ventilated ceiling kitchen ventilation solution. Cyclonic grease separation and ozone treatment provide a clean and hygienic exhaust chamber for kitchen hoods.

Our HFK cyclonic filters and HZ ozonator technology take the grease-free ventilation system to the next level by breaking down even the tiniest grease and odor particles. 

A clean system is what protects you from fires and other hazards. 

Removing airborne microparticles helps you to save energy and money by enabling the use of a heat exchanger to recover heat from kitchen exhaust air.

Reusing the otherwise discarded heat energy from cooking appliances to warm the indoor space could

be your contribution to a greener future.  

HR grease hood for commercial kitchen ventilation. Grease separation and filtration for the exhaust chamber.


An extraction canopy 
overhanging above the
kitchen appliances

We're happy to share

more technical information

about our canopies.

HG backshelf canopy is a energieeffizient grease hood for commercial kitchen ventilation, with a pinpoint exhaust chamber

Backshelf canopy

A canopy with pinpoint exhaust for high volume cooking

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