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Open fire cooking trend is on the rise. But practicing this indoors is full of potential risk factors that our Watermist canopy is ready to tackle.

Cooking on a charcoal grill emits substantial amounts of sparks, soot, and grease, which can potentially lead to fires within the ventilation system. 


The Watermist canopy has special nozzles that generate fine water mist. The exhaust air is directed through a water mist chamber, effectively preventing the dispersion of sparks and soot into ventilation ducts. This significantly reduces the risk of fires.

The food safety of ETS NORD’s canopies has been verified with the HACCP international certificate.

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Our kitchen hood does more than remove kitchen pollution; it also delivers the fresh air and ultimate comfort your kitchen staff desire.


Supply air is brought into the room through the kitchen hood's front and side panels, providing a continuous source of fresh air for your kitchen team. Our cutting-edge AirGrip air intake system captures kitchen effluents, guiding them through a water mist curtain and an exhaust air filtration system before directing them into the exhaust ducts.

Cleaning the Watermist canopy is easy because it is designed without hard-to-clean edges and corners that tend to collect dirt. Plus, our canopy offers a spacious and convenient access to the filters and the extraction chamber,

making maintenance a breeze.

Be environmentally conscious and use water only when necessary. With just a push of a button, you can easily toggle the system on and off, ensuring responsible water usage.


Clean air, safe environment, and hassle-free maintenance – that's the promise of our Watermist canopy.

HR kitchen grease hood is a standard commercial kitchen canopy

Grease canopy

An extraction canopy hanging over the kitchen appliances

We're happy to share
more technical information

about HM Watermist canopy.

ventilation ceiling provides a modular kitchen ventilation system for the most demanding kitchen layouts

Ventilated ceiling

Tailored to suit your kitchen layout and meet its specific needs.

HG backshelf canopy is a energieeffizient grease hood for commercial kitchen ventilation, with a pinpoint exhaust chamber

Backshelf canopy

A canopy with pinpoint exhaust for high volume cooking

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